Additional Services

Enhance our packages with a range of available additional services, providing even more possibilities for optimization and customization to meet your unique needs.

Multilingual Website

Translation of website content into various languages to cater to a broader international audience. Implementation of language selection features to allow users to switch between different language versions of the website. Content localization to ensure cultural relevance and resonance with the target market.

Price: US$35 / Page (Sample: Website with 5 pages = US$175)

Video, Photography, and Drone Services

Professional videography and photography services to capture high-quality images of the hotel’s facilities, services, and surrounding attractions. Production of promotional videos highlighting the hotel’s unique features and experiences. Incorporation of visually appealing images and videos on the website and social media profiles to enhance user engagement and experience, including SEO optimization (load time, image size, alt text, image description).


25 Images:                                     US$150

1 Animated Video:                       US$200

1 Video with Drone:                     US$350

Guest Communication Tool Integration

Engage with your guests through personalized digital communication, from the time of booking to after check-out, to increase revenue. Seamlessly integrate our guest communication tool into your hotel operations and use it together with our reservation system.


  • Welcome your guests from the moment they book with impactful pre-stay emails.
  • Provide a seamless digital check in experience for your guests before they arrive.
  • A fully customized check-in form, where you can gather all your clients data’s.
  • Drive additional revenue with upsell opportunities to your guests.
  • Create your own customised surveys to collect feedback from guests both during their stay and after they check-out.
  • Access everything you need from the easy to use GuestJoy dashboard. Here you can setup your welcome emails, check-in forms, upsell and more. Loaded with templates to get you quickly setup and engaging with your guests in no time:


00 – 05 Rooms = US$29
06 – 10 Rooms = US$29
11 – 15 Rooms = US$29
16 – 20 Rooms = US$45
21 – 30 Rooms = US$65
31 – 40 Rooms = US$85
41 – 50 Rooms = US$109