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We are a team of 7 professionals with over 25 years of combined experience in consulting for customers and hotels globally. Our expertise lies in Hotel Management, Web Design, Programming, SEO, Advanced AI usage, and Social Media Marketing. At Mas Reservas, innovation and creativity drive us to explore cutting-edge technologies, elevating your business in today’s complex online landscape.
Our commitment is to deliver exceptional results beyond expectations, aiding your success with the latest technologies and our extensive experience. Embrace us as your partner in progress, channeling the potency of innovation and experience to redefine your online triumph. Step into Mas Reservas, where excellence converges with opportunity.
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Principles Of Our Work


Expertise in Hotel Management, Web Design, Programming, SEO, Advanced AI, and Social Media Marketing enriches us to enhance your business.


Our team, featuring entrepreneurs from Austria and Switzerland and sales specialists from the Dominican Republic and Colombia, leads with AI and advanced tech for top-tier quality and efficiency.


With 25+ years’ combined experience, we offer exceptional support, upholding high work ethics and best practices.


Valuing individuality, we invest time to understand your product and market, tailoring services to your unique needs.


Committed to your success, our collaborative approach ensures a strong bond. We share goals, understanding your needs deeply.

Clients & Testimonials

Bekim Shala

CEO, BKM Electric

“I am extremely satisfied with MasReservas, as I can trust them to fully support and advance my project. Their diverse ideas, expertise, and respectful communication ensure that I receive outstanding guidance and assistance.”

Arno Fischbacher

CEO, Fischbacher KG

“Highly recommended for the hotel industry, MasReserva offers exceptional collaboration and tailored marketing solutions. Their energetic team ensures timely and precise delivery of services, perfectly suited to the unique needs of hoteliers.”

Jan. P. Gaukel

CEO, House of Passion

“Respect and a huge thank you for the excellent support.”

Corinne Rhyner

CEO, Rhyner Consulting

“MasReservas was highly committed, motivated, and delivered exceptional results in a short period. They were patient with my revisions and all my concerns were addressed to my fullest satisfaction. I highly recommend MasReservas for their outstanding services.”

Theresa Maurer

CEO, MentalYoga

“The MasReservas team is always available when I need something, and they promptly address my concerns. I am very satisfied with their services.”

Werner Schmid

CEO, Alquila

“I met Simon from MAsReservas at a workshop and was instantly captivated by his innovative ideas, engaging communication, and considerate demeanor. His extensive expertise enables him to tailor services to the unique needs of the hospitality industry. I feel well-supported and can confidently recommend MasReservas to others in the hotel sector.”