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Empower Your Income with Our Lucrative Affiliate Program! Join our affiliate program and uncover an opportunity to enhance your revenue stream. Collaborate with to support local hotels while increasing your own earnings. With advantages like direct bookings, minimized service fees, and dedicated local support, you can play a part in positive industry change.

What's behind the -Hotel idea?

Based in the Dominican Republic, our deep connections and Latin American Hotel Market understanding stem from founders’ hands-on experience. We’ve noticed smaller hotels missing marketing chances, struggling in a competitive market due to knowledge gaps and reliance on costly OTAs.
Grounded in economic insights and social responsibility, we reshape OTAs for niche markets. We also support diverse groups, offering appealing rentals, aligned with assisting major corporations in engaging with minority communities and tackling under-occupancy challenges.

Partner with us & watch your visibility soar

Presently, we’re crafting detailed country pages and strategically employing robust SEO practices to secure prime Google rankings for region-related hotel searches. This elevates online presence and significantly heightens visibility for affiliates, amplifying customer engagement opportunities. As our network grows with more hotels, our influence and reach naturally expand.

Our approach involves curating 5 to 10 handpicked hotels in each city, establishing dedicated country websites. We aim to spotlight up to 500 carefully chosen hotels, emphasizing support for

Affiliate Plans

Own Website and Booking Engine

Discover our user-friendly site with intuitive filters, such as Hotel Categories. Each hotel boasts an informative yet simple page with vital info. Utilize your Booking Engine or our MasReservas option for a polished, customer-friendly page highlighting your amenities and offerings.

Share essential details, and we’ll craft a dedicated page within our extensive hotel network. Our sales team guides you through setup with ease.

Get a glimpse of what your website will look like on -Hotel!

Q & A

1. For which countries does -Hotel have its own website?

Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico, United States, Canada.

2. What types of Hotel Categories does -Hotel accept?

We accept all Hotel Categories, including Apartments and Villas.

3. Is there a cost associated with affiliating with -Hotel?

We offer different plans, including one that is cost-free. Regardless of the plan chosen, all members receive the same service. We also provide various promotion options and commission plans.

4. Does -Hotel charge a commission for their services?

Yes, as a company, we sustain ourselves through income. Our commission ranges from 8% to 14%, depending on factors such as the number of rooms you have and the affiliation plan you choose with -Hotel.

5. If I own several apartments for time rental, can I affiliate with -Hotel?

Yes, you can. We aren’t limited to just hotels. Depending on the number of apartments, there might be a one-time setup fee. We also support diversity groups and promote their offerings as well.

6. What are the benefits of affiliating with -Hotel?

a. Your -Hotel listing appears prominently on the first page of Google search results for your area, granting wider visibility.

b. With a maximum of 500 selected hotels per country, your chance of being chosen and seen by guests increases. Our filter system refines this further, enhancing your selection odds.

c. Our commissions are notably lower than most OTA’s.

d. Guests book directly with you, resulting in instant money crediting to your account.

7. Do you offer promotional services?

Absolutely. We provide promotional services that can highlight your hotel on our site. Details can be found on our Affiliate Plan Site.

8. How will -Hotel be paid?

Reservations made through the -Hotel booking engine will be recorded and eligible for commission payment monthly. Upon affiliating, agreeing to our terms obliges you to make this payment to a specified account once per month.

9. Can I affiliate with -Hotel if I don't have a booking engine?

Yes, we can install our MasReserva booking engine for you, available at a monthly fee based on room count. This fee accounts for our additional work, but the benefits of MasReserva are substantial. (See Q&A 10)

10. Why choose MasReservas Booking Engine?

Detailed information about the benefits of our MasReservas Booking Engine can be found here.

11. Can I cancel my affiliate program anytime?

Yes, you can cancel at the end of any month. Upon cancellation, your hotel will be removed from our -Hotel site. If you use the MasReservas Booking Engine, you can integrate it into your own website or cancel the subscription plan with us by month-end.

12. Can I connect my own website to your -Hotel site?

es, you can, provided we host your site and you use our MasReservas reservation engine. We’ll provide a cosmetic revamp for your site to ensure customer appeal. The site remains yours, and this revamp is offered to you at no charge.

Affiliate Plans

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