Additional Services

Enhance our packages with a range of available additional services, providing even more possibilities for optimization and customization to meet your unique needs.

Multilingual Website

Translate website content into multiple languages for a broader international audience. Implement language selection features, allowing users to switch between versions. Localize content for cultural relevance and resonance.

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Video, Photography, and Drone Services

We offer quality videography & photography for hotel facilities & attractions. Promotional videos highlight unique features, with engaging content on your website & social media, enhancing user experience & SEO.

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Guest Communication Tool Integration

Engage with your guests through personalized digital communication, from the time of booking to after check-out, to increase revenue. Seamlessly integrate our guest communication tool into your hotel operations.

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Social Media and Event Promotion

With our event promotion and social media services, hotels can establish a strong online presence, effectively engage with potential guests, and ensure successful event promotion. By leveraging social media platforms and expert guidance, hotels can expand their reach, increase event attendance, and create memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression on guests.

Engaging Social Media Presence: We set up and manage attractive social media profiles for hotels on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Our expert team creates compelling content, including eye-catching images and captivating captions, to attract and captivate potential guests. Maintaining an active social media presence allows hotels to effectively promote their facilities, services, and special offers, creating a strong online presence and generating loyal followers.

Social Media Event Promotion: We harness the power of social media to promote hotel events, such as parties, conferences, and special occasions, to a targeted audience. Our team creates event-specific content, including visually appealing graphics and informative posts, to generate excitement and increase attendance. By strategically advertising and sharing event details on social media platforms, hotels can significantly enhance event visibility, attract more attendees, and create memorable experiences for guests.

Social Media Training and Support: We provide comprehensive training and guidance to hotel staff on effectively using social media platforms to promote events and interact with guests. Our team equips hotel staff with valuable knowledge and practical tips on content creation, post scheduling, community management, and monitoring. By empowering hotels with social media expertise, we enable them to independently manage their online presence, connect with their target audience, and maximize the impact of their event promotions.

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