BENADH – vital energy!

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It increases resistance to climate change, temperature changes, stress, and is an excellent stimulant in cases of cornic fatigue.
This microtablet of pure NADH is highly valued by young people of spirit and is also a great help in cases of intestinal and stomach problems.

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Works for: lack of vital energy, lack of initiative-lack of energy.

BENADH is a micro tablet of pure NADH whose effect lasts all day long. It is taken half an hour before breakfast with a glass of water. When taken regularly, BENADH has the unique property of maintaining energy balance in the body. It increases resistance to climatic changes, temperature changes, and stress and is an excellent stimulant in cases of cornic fatigue. This micro tablet of pure NADH is highly valued by young people of spirit and is also a great help in intestinal and stomach problems.

Dietary supplement in tablet form.

Consumption recommendation: 1-2 tablets daily, in the morning, with one glass of water. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
Keep out of the reach of young children. Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet, which is the basis of a healthy lifestyle.

Sweetener: isomalt
NADH powder
Anti-caking agent: magnesium salts of fatty acids.
Thickener: microcrystalline cellulose.
Acidity regulator: sodium hydrogen carbonate. Coating agent: shellac (PCMT®).
Please note: These micro tablets are not colored or bleached with food dyes-they are natural!

1 lozenge 2 lozenges
20 mg 40 mg

It does not contain sugar, caffeine, yeast, dairy products, preservatives (meets vegetarian claims), or food coloring.

100% vegetarian, suitable for diabetics.

Raw material/active ingredient

NADH Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Hydride – Coenzyme1 (one molecule)


Quote from Dr. med Stefan Hammer: Many people know this unpleasant situation and think they are sick. After a thorough examination, a lack of energy caused this condition in most cases. NADH is the most critical natural stimulator of metabolism and a provider of cellular energy.

For years, numerous physicians in the United States and Asia have confirmed: NADH products that do not contain at least 15 mg of NADH per tablet, micro tablet, or capsule are not entirely ineffective, but even after months of intake, they will not lead to any desired improvement in physical energy status. The placebo effect is in the foreground with NADH products with 5 mg to 7.5 mg to 10.0 mg of NADH.

Active ingredients of BENADH (BENADH formula) with 20 mg of NADH per micro tablet.

NADH coenzyme 1 is an endogenous substance extracted from brewer’s yeast to produce dietary supplements.

NADH, the biologically active form of niacin (vitamin B3), is involved in more than 1,000 daily metabolic processes and protects as a powerful antioxidant against free radicals.

It is a vital active substance for cells, providing energy to cells and regenerating already damaged cells in the body.

Important with micro tablets

Micro tablets are swallowed with a glass of water before breakfast. The stabilized, stomach acid-resistant micro tablets can thus pass unharmed through the stomach and be absorbed into the intestines. The effect of the pills is delayed by about 2 hours and still lasts all day.

GNP-NADH products have pharmaceutical qualities! BENADH (BENADH formula) is also available in pharmacies under the central pharmaceutical number (A) PZN 4859788.




Are you feeling tired and drained throughout the day? Have you been struggling to get out of bed in the morning? If so, you’re not alone. Many people suffer from low energy and motivation due to various lifestyle factors. Fortunately, there may be a solution to help improve your lack of vital energy: Benadh NADH Lozenges. Read on to find out how customers have found these tablets beneficial for their energy levels!


Benadh NADH Lozenges: Help Improve Lack of Vital Energy!

For a lot of people, lack of energy is an all-too-common issue. It can be frustrating when you’re feeling tired and don’t have the motivation to do anything. But there are ways to help improve your lack of vital energy without having to go through any drastic measures. Benadh NADH Lozenges are one product many customers say has helped them feel more energetic and alert.

Many customers use Benadh NADH Lozenges to boost their overall well-being. Reports suggest that they help improve feelings of fatigue, reduce stress levels, and provide some needed relief from headaches and other disorders caused by a lack of vitality. In short, these tablets are said to be very helpful for anyone looking to improve their energy level or overall wellness.

Benadh NADH Lozenges: What Customers Say

Customers who have tried Benadh NADH Lozenges say that they have found them to be a helpful way to improve their lack of vital energy. One customer said she had been struggling to stay awake during the day for a while, but after taking a few Benadh NADH Lozenges, her energy level had increased significantly. Another customer said she had been experiencing problems with her memory for a while. Still, after taking a few Benadh NADH Lozenges, she found that her memory had improved significantly.

Benadh NADH Lozenges: How They Work

Benadh NADH Lozenges are a new type of energy liqueur. They improve the lack of vital energy by providing sustained energy levels throughout the day. Benadh NADH Lozenges are available in sweet and sour flavors and come in 60-count bottles.

Customers say that Benadah NADH Lozenges work well to give them sustained energy levels throughout the day. Many people find that they don’t need to drink as many other drinks or snacks because they know they will have enough energy from Benadah NADH Lozenges. One customer said, “I used to struggle with feeling tired during the afternoon, but now I don’t even need to take naps anymore.” These tablets are also great for on-the-go lifestyles as they do not require refrigeration and can be carried anywhere without adversely affecting their taste or performance.

Benadh NADH Lozenges: The Results

Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

Benadh NADH Lozenges are a unique energy-enhancing product that has been well-received by customers. Many users say they have benefitted from the tablet’s ability to help improve their lack of vital energy. One customer said, “I was struggling to get out of bed in the morning, and I tried these Benadh NADH Lozenges, and within two days, I felt so much better. Now I’m back to my old self.” Another user said, “The Benadh NADH Lozenge has helped me feel more alert during the day and less tired than usual. I would recommend it to anyone feeling run down or sluggish.”

These testimonials provide convincing evidence that Benadh NADH Lozenges are a valuable product that can help improve the quality of life for those who lack vital energy.

Increased Natural Energy Levels with Benadh NADH Lozenges

Based on the results of customer surveys, it can be seen that Benadh NADH Lozenges have positively impacted many people’s lack of vital energy. Many customers have reported feeling more alert and energetic after taking them; some even say they have experienced an uptick in their natural energy levels. While anecdotal evidence cannot be used to conclude that Benadh NADH Lozenges are effective for all individuals, it does suggest that they could help those struggling with low energy levels regularly.

The Benefits of B-Vitamin Sources in Benadh NADH Lozenges

Benadh NADH Lozenges are a unique and powerful way to improve your lack of vital energy. The tablets are made with a B-vitamin blend that helps to boost energy levels and improve overall health.

Customers have said that Benadh NADH Lozenges help improves their lack of energy. Many say that the tablets help them stay alert and focused throughout the day, while others report increased energy levels and better overall health since taking them.

The benefits of B-vitamin sources in Benadh NADH Lozenges are clear, and customers love the results. Whether you’re looking for an extra energy boost or improved health, Benadh NADH Lozenges are a great way to get what you need.

Results that Matter: More Vital Energy!

There’s no doubt that Benadh NADH Lozenges can improve the lack of vital energy in those who use them. After all, customer reviews speak for themselves!

Many users say the Benadh NADH Lozenges help give them more energy and keep them feeling refreshed all day long. One reviewer wrote, “I have much more energy now than I did before and enjoy not needing caffeine to get through the day.” Another commented, “These work great! I felt exhausted and sluggish, and now I’m back to my normal self.”

These BENADH NADH LOZENGES are doing their job – providing people with more vital energy!

Benadh NADH Lozenges: The Importance of Vitamins

The Benadh NADH Lozenges have quickly become a popular choice for people looking to improve their lack of vitality. A few customers reviewed the product on Amazon, writing that they have found it helpful in restoring energy and helping them feel more alert and focused.

One customer wrote: “These Benadh NADH Lozenges do work! I’ve been using them for about three weeks now, and my lack of energy has diminished.” Another said that it had improved her overall well-being, adding: “I highly recommend these to anyone who is struggling with feeling tired all the time.”

While there are some complaints about how fast the tablet wears off (especially if you plan on taking them with food), most reviewers seem happy with the results they’ve achieved.

Benadh NADH Lozenges: The Future of Vitamins

Looking to improve your lack of vital energy? Benadh NADH Lozenges may be just the solution! Customers say that these tablets help boost their energy levels and overall well-being. The natural ingredients in these tablets work together to increase the body’s oxygen and nutrient intake, helping to improve overall health and vitality.



When it comes to Benadh NADH Lozenges, customers have had amazing things to say about how the tablets have helped them feel more energetic. Those who’ve used Benadhar NADH Lozenges in the past found that their lack of energy was noticeably improved by taking a few daily tablets. Many customers also commented on how calmer and less anxious they felt after taking the pills, which is a bonus!

The Benadh NADH Lozenges are designed to help improve the lack of vital energy and have been praised by customers who have experienced incredible results. These tablets combine vitamins with natural ingredients to provide an effective, accessible, use solution and encourage better energy levels. This makes them ideal for those looking for something that can give their body the boost it needs without having adverse side effects. The importance of vitamins should not be overlooked, especially considering their benefits in terms of improved energy levels. These lozenges are a great choice for anyone wanting an alternative way to increase their vitality and feel more energized than before!